Christhood programs



This is our interdenominational prayer fellowship that is concerned with the lives and souls of men; being equipped with the Knowledge of Truth, developing a personal hunger for God and finding a genuine commonwealth of believers to belong and be accountable to.

Our chief mandate is preparing saints for the bridegroom through teachings, prayers and preachings. This is the core of our prayer and belief; We pray for great things by faith, and trust our Father to manifest in His faithfulness. “Now to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling, and to make you stand in the presence of His glory blameless with great joy,” to Him, we commit ourselves and the outcome of our service.

Our interdenominational and multiracial prayer meetings and fellowship are held every Saturday from 3pm – 5pm, in Nairobi CBD.



Teen Life is passionate about teen success. We know that teens who've had a range of meaningful outside-the-classroom experiences are more likely to succeed in high school, in college, and beyond. Our mission is to make it simple for teens (along with their educators) to develop a meaningful personal experience portfolio, no matter the makeup of their individual interests, talents and resources.

Teen Life provides a directory of outside-the-classroom enrichment programs for students between the ages 15 to 19 years (high school students), along with regular content to support strong teen enrichment decision making.

The program exists to usher these teens into the real world, teaching them exactly what to expect and exposing what awaits them in future. Fostering self / personal development, spiritual growth and life issues, discovering ones purpose and social activities through the means of small groups and mentoring relationships for all. These small groups seek to create an atmosphere for growth through accountability, teachings, prayers and open discussions.

Teens today are faced with drugs, teen pregnancy, texting or sex texting, alcohol, peer pressure, bullying, and other dangers. Why do our teens use drugs and alcohol, gamble, or fall prey to other destructive behaviors such as eating disorders or cutting? We take our children through childhood, into teen hood, and then onto adulthood. Remember: if you go into the adventure together, you will come out of it together.

The teen years mark the point at which parents can no longer protect their children, yet Teens are still in need of protection. Compared to prior generations, adults feel teens are more in need of protection than ever before, but that it is far more difficult, if not Impossible, to insulate today's teens from dangers. It is the uncertainty about the choices they will make which creates much of the anxiety about teens. Teens are confronted with stresses that a child does not face, such as sex, drugs, and violence.

The Solution.

The dire need to make the right choices in a young adult has led us to create the teen life? program that offers a wider variety of cognitive programs in addition to academic skills. It will enable and enhance every young person and give them a firm foundation to build upon in their life, schools, homes and the community. These programs aim to guide the teens to increase knowledge, grow essential assets, find personal motivation and create a successful path in their lives.



Branch Is a discipleship program aimed at ensuring that young believers (Ex candidates) are taught the truth hence enabling them bear fruit and grow in the faith.

Ex-candidates are young adults who have just completed their O levels or Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education. The discipleship is designed to specifically help bridge the gap between leaving high school life and joining college/university life through the gaining of essential life skills based on God's Word.

The program runs for 4 months with candidates meeting once a week commencing the second week of January.

Each candidate is required to go through a leadership training which covers the following areas:

  • Spiritual and Life Issues
  • Mental
  • Self/Personal Development
  • Social activities
  • Voluntary program

The program exists to foster spiritual growth and life change through the means of small groups and mentoring relationships for all.These small groups seek to create an atmosphere for spiritual growth through accountability, teachings, prayers and open discussions. Each candidate is required to attend the weekly meeting at their respective centers at the specified times {As consensually agreed between the facilitator and the participants}. So far we have programs running at Nairobi, Nakuru, Nanyuki, Eldoret, Naivasha , Narok, Gilgil, Thika, Loitoktok and Machakos.

Therefore candidates will attend branch at their nearest town depending on their remoteness to the area. However, we are still in the process of expanding to other towns in the coming years. The life changing revelation in this study of the new creation image will free our young people from feelings of guilt, condemnation, unworthiness, inferiority, and inadequacy so that they can be conformed to the image of Christ. It will help the young people to enjoy being, doing and having all they were created in God's image to be, to do, and to have.




The idea behind this group is to bridge a gap between teen life (identity stage) and middle adulthood so that one enjoys their middle adult life and also see their lives duplicated in those behind them.

It is a group/team/club/crew of young people ages 19-35 years with a vision of influencing the world and saving a generation. In impact, we get, live and pass what we have learnt and has become part of us to the next generation. Through self-development on matters of faith, career, relationship and all aspect of life one is well equipped to be an influence by touching a life as a means of giving back to the society through community service events. Our main activities are team building, camping, swimming, conferences, life challenges and so much more that will enhance bonding as a team and family.

This is the most critical stage in a person’s life as it helps one correct what was missed out in previous life stages and transition well to other stages. With love and intimacy being the center of this stage, an individual is able to make right choices when it comes to relating with others. We learn who we are, what defines us best, how to love us first so that we can spread the same love to those around us then all over.

As a team, we identify with vulnerable groups in the society such as the street families, orphans, the elderly, the single mothers and other overlooked groups through one stop feeding programs, providing food stuff, team bonding activities and life skills. We desire that such groups will be the main reason why we exist.


Sister Sister

Sister Sister is a Ladies’ ministry established in 2015, under Christhood International Outfield Ministries.

We exist to raise young virtuous women to understand their worth in Christ, to manifest the standards of Christ, to maintain a healthy bond of unity in sisterhood and to equip them to serve effectively in the body of Christ.

Our mission is to;

  • Sculpture godly womanhood by instilling scriptural virtues and empowering for service- the natural countenance of feminine grace that manifests as gentleness but divinely designed as strength.
  • Create a safe environment of relational well-being where girls and young women can find a network of sisters and life-time legacy mentors, to bond in love and work together in various areas of Christian ministry as well as other spheres of life that need the virtuous lady to manifest!

With a doctrinally sound and engaging programmatic approach, Sister Sister seeks to not only meet every lady at her point of need, but to empower her to evolve and reach the point of her abundance! This is strategically achieved through the following;

  1. Monthly Fellowships- These serve as prayer gatherings and sittings with the King where the ladies are stirred up to a lifestyle of devotion and awakened to release the unique offering of the virtuous woman. Esteemed speakers from the Ministry’s Leadership as well as invited external ones handle with expertise and depth, relevant topics to the age-group present.
  2. Mentorship- This is a very functional arm of Sister Sister where a platform is availed to either be a mentor (for the spiritually mature) or to find a suitable mentor (for the younger generation ladies). This provides occasion for our ladies to come alongside a woman to model, invest and train through lifestyle, life experiences, and Scripture.
  3. Cell-Group Families- These small groups enhance personal touch, transparency, accountability and support amongst the ladies. They facilitate this through monthly plots and home visitation at group levels.
  4. Social Connection Getaways- Several social events and retreats are organized throughout the year to provide our ladies a chance to bond in a relaxed outdoor space, develop new friendships and strengthen existing ones, share their lives with one another, have corporate worship in the wild, and pursue quiet moments with God.
  5. Reach-out missions- We believe in equipping our ladies so as to serve outside the saltshaker. Her unto whom much has been given, much will be required- Luke 12:48. We therefore delightfully reach out to the communities around us all over the country with the love of Christ, particularly in schools and church conferences.

Every lady who is an approved member of Christhood is automatically a member of Sister Sister. She participates in Sister Sister by giving back to Christhood Ministries either financially or by volunteering services in other ministry dockets such as Music Ministry, Creatives, Protocol or any other Labor of Love within Christhood.

We believe that God has specially designed, packaged and unleashed women to shatter previous glass ceilings of limitations and do incredible works in the world for His Glory!



This is our missions and outreach training kit for equipping the saints for ministry by enhancing their faith and knowledge of Christ; for effective ministry and growth. The program exists to foster spiritual growth and life change through the means of small groups and mentoring relationships for all. These small groups seek to create an atmosphere for spiritual growth through accountability, teachings, prayers and open discussions. 2 Timothy 2:1-2.

The program is designed to help the believer clarify and systematize their own beliefs and ensure that those beliefs are consistent and rational through systematic theology. It clearly communicates ones belief about doctrines. As well as defend beliefs to those who do not share them, by taking note of the objections to one's theology and responding to their objections in a manner that will convince the unbeliever.

The various aspects taught include:

  • Theology Proper - The study of the character of God
  • Bibliology - The study of the Bible
  • Christology - The study of Christ
  • Pneumatology - The study of the Holy Spirit
  • Soteriology - The study of salvation
  • Anthropology - The study of the nature of humanity
  • Angelology - The study of angels
  • Ecclesiology - The study of the Church
  • Eschatology - The study of the end time


Theology sounds like dry subject in which only seminary professors or studious pastors have an interest. However, in practice everybody is a theologian. We all have beliefs about God and how he relates to the universe. Theology is merely the expression of our beliefs about God in words. These expressions may not be well thought out, comprehensive, or systematic. They may be based on individual experience or traditions, or the result of intensive study. But it is all theology, nonetheless.

The Greek word 'theos' means God, while the Greek suffix '-ology' means "the study of." So, quite simply put, theology is literally the study of God. Therefore, theology in its simplest terms is rational discussion about God.

In Greek, the word theologia referred to discussions amongst the philosophers about divine matters. Plato called the stories of the gods 'theologies'. Aristotle considered theology to be the greatest of all scientific studies since its subject, God, was the highest reality. Mark Batterson would echo Aristotle's thoughts in his claim that every '-ology' is a branch of theology...