Teen Hood Challenges "Bring It On"

Teen Life is passionate about teen success. We know that teens who've had a range of meaningful outside-the-classroom experiences are more likely to succeed in high school, in college, and beyond. Our mission is to make it simple for teens (along with their educators) to develop a meaningful personal experience portfolio, no matter the makeup of their individual interests, talents and resources.

Teen Life provides a directory of outside-the-classroom enrichment programs for students between the ages 15years to 19years (high school students), along with regular content to support strong teen enrichment decision making.

The program exists to usher this teens into the real world, teaching them exactly what to expect and exposing what awaits them in future. Fostering self/ personal development, spiritual growth and life issues, discovering ones purpose and social activities through the means of small groups and mentoring relationships for all. These small groups seek to create an atmosphere for growth through accountability, teachings, prayers and open discussions.



Teens today are faced with drugs, teen pregnancy, texting or sex texting, alcohol, peer pressure, bullying, and other dangers. Why do our teens use drugs and alcohol, gamble, or fall prey to other destructive behaviors such as eating disorders or cutting? We take our children through childhood, into teen hood, and then onto adulthood. Remember: if you go into the adventure together, you will come out of it together.

The teen years mark the point at which parents can no longer protect their children, yet Teens are still in need of protection. Compared to prior generations, adults feel teens are more in need of protection than ever before, but that it is far more difficult, if not Impossible, to insulate today’s teens from dangers. It is the uncertainty about the choices they will make which creates much of the anxiety about teens. Teens are confronted with stresses that a child does not face, such as sex, drugs, and violence.

The Solution

The dire need to make the right choices in a young adult has led us to create the teen life‟ program that offers a wider variety of cognitive programs in addition to academic skills. It will enable and enhance every young person and give them a firm foundation to build upon in their life, schools, homes and the community. These programs aim to guide the teens to increase knowledge, grow essential assets, find personal motivation and create a successful path in their lives.
. They are constantly facing challenges such as:

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