Outreach And Missions

Taking the Gospel of Christ to the world: The ministry sees outreach as a way of
evangelizing to the world effectively and discipling them. Teaching people the word and
the Power of Jesus Christ, by visiting churches, working with other ministries, countries
and in addition ministering to people on individual basis.

Missions Opportunities

  • High school weekend challenges- three days of intense evangelism and ministry in high schools.
  • Small Groups - This is a small group strategy that is evangelistic in structure.
    The goal is to grow students in their faith and meet them right where they are
    spiritually. Each group is a reflection of the movement as a whole.
  • Sunday services – Sunday service invitations to Schools, Campuses and Churches, for the purpose of building up Christians and reaching non-believers through body evangelism.
  •  Socials - Regular social events for people to connect socially and introduce non-Christian friends to the body of Christ.
  •  Evangelism - This is the foundation of the movement. Ranges from individual, primary, highschool, campus and churches.
  • Prayer Meeting - Regular meetings for corporate prayer.