Little Jewels

The little jewels is a Christhood support program that is involved in cleaning, feeding, educating and dressing up of children of ages between 8 months to 5 years in a slum area called Gichagi in  Ngong town Nairobi. Started as a day care to benefit the families who are unable to provide lunch for their children, as well as a center where mother’s would leave their young ones as they went around looking for odd jobs to make the ends meet.rsz_screenshot_142




The cleaning exercise
Before the exercise begins;
Team members and volunteers pair up (male and female).Then, adopt a child or children to clean, dress up and feed every day for three weeks.
Then return the child or children to their mothers with gifts and with clear instructions on proper hygiene.  All of these takes place at the kids center.










 More cleaning, more food and cloths are needed and more structures to be put up.
 There is also need to teach their mothers proper hygiene.
 As a ministry we have realized that the most effective way to helping this loved
ones to ever realize their dreams is by working together with other parties, such
as : Volunteers , Partners, Sponsor, Friends and Co operates, Other ministries and
 For this reason we wish to kindly invite you to join in this worthy course.
 Non of us applied to borne into homes we are in neither did we chose the parents
we have. But no matter what, we can make a difference in peoples lives.