So I’m much psyched up about this week’s article, but before I continue, let me adjust to Times New Roman, font 12.

It’s exactly 8:59pm and I’m gazing at this almost blank page and it strikes me, it’s the last minute of the 3 rd hour of the night (assuming darkness begins at 6) and enyewe time expires. A time to write this blog and a time for it to be read. A time for mum calling me (like right now) to hand over the remote that’s just next to her and a time to just walk back to the room and continue with this blog. There’s a time for everything. Meanwhile the minute hand of the wall clock in my room has just ticked the 2 nd minute of the brand new hour, its 9:02pm.

So a few weeks ago I was late in handing in my assignment and the pressure that was mounted on me was just beyond explanation. I can say I was the last person to hand it in but honestly the quality of work that I had done, just so I could hand in the assignment, was plainly unsatisfactory. Last week’s sermon by a good friend of mine had some aspect of football in it from ballon d’or to Christiano’s ethic and I promise you the sermon drove the point home (though I can’t quite remember the whole of it). Yes, it reminded me of the importance of putting hard work and effort plus TIME factor.

Speaking of time,

There’s a time to be born and a time to die……a time to plant and a time to pluck what is planted….(Ecclesiastes 3:1-8), everything has its time. The best prepared meals have the aspect of time in it, passing your cats and exams, you must have spent quite some time in the library and the list is endless. So it is justified for me to say, everything has a time aspect in it. Now, a virtue that marries beautifully with time is patience which is not really faithful to time depending on the individual.

Just like me who handed in some “not quality” assignment (for fear that the correct word will make it look sound sad), we hurry to make ends meet hence forgetting the author of time who is God himself. We make great business deals, marry or get married to the wife/husband of your imagination, in the name of Jesus, whereas in the plans you made he was barely involved. The pressures of life have forced us Christians to compromise just because we think time is running out. Well, if you think time is in your hands, then why can’t you reverse the outcome of a second ago? Or an hour or perhaps even forward time?


Jesus’ birth was prophesied years ago by a number of prophets, but it was in Gods own timing that Christ was made manifest to men. Hannah wept for so long for the Lord to grant her a child, but the Lord came through for her in His own timing. (1 st Samuel 1). In His own timing, does the Lord answer our prayers.

He has made everything beautiful in its time. (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

The emphasis on time is not in any way denial. As Christians, we arm twist God to respond to our earnest prayers when we want Him to. The illustrations of the men and women of God in the scriptures, have in no way shown that they had a time span for God. The more they waited on God while praying, the more they trusted God in His answering. Their faith was strengthened and the Lord honored them. How many times have you asked God to go against his plans in order to fulfill your own?

The bible clearly states, the preparations of the heart belong to man, but the answer of the tongue is from the Lord. (Proverbs 16:1). So no matter how prepared you are, God will choose to answer at His own time. Just as it is with expectant mothers, no matter how much shopping of clothes they do, the number of suspicions they have about the date, the child will be delivered on the 9 th month just as the Lord has purposed.

So chill,

  1. Delay is not denial, delay is not denial…..
  2. God is the author of time, you aren’t.
  3. Let go and let God.
  1. “best prepared meals have the aspect of time in it,” I’m sure that resonates well with kaka Jeff. Chakula very fine thank you

    Amazing article, how I desire to accept God’s sovereignity over matters time.

  2. When Lazarus died, people expected Jesus to come the same day and perform a miracle. instead he came, four days later and still called out Lazarus from the dead!
    Remember, whether he answers then or later, His timing is the ordained time. 4 days, but still on time. Keep praying
    Btw Jack interestingly enough, this article was published after waiting on God for a phone. God’s timing

  3. True, God made everything beautiful and itself and in its time– but He left us in the dark so that we can never know what God is upto.
    I have personally experienced this in life and many times we end up grudgingly asking God to fulfill the appointed time and yet it is fit for us to be at a zone of ‘the process of time’
    Thankyou Gift for sharing

  4. Amazing peace Gift.i can read it over and over again…The whole of it strikes my deepest thoughts…
    May the Lord teach me to await for the fullness of time.

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