A few days ago, I came across one of my friend’s blog and believe me when I say she can write! Her description of individual items, would make you have a clear tangible image of what is being addressed no need to even see it physically. I was amazed at such talent but at the same time sought of sad. I thought well, she’s too good and I as a writer would not do any justice if I did any works of my own. It troubled me why I had such an attitude though.

 So this time I am walking home from school with a friend and a conversation sparks after seeing this street woman who had just received a ten shilling coin from a passerby. Her reaction to his act of kindness, was what caught our attention. Honestly with our economy as it is right now, high inflation rates, such minimal amount would not even cater for her and her little angel strapped on her back. Either way, her enthusiasm was priceless. She heartily thanked the guy who had already left. She was satisfied.

Here’s the irony of life, the Jobs of our generation would be people we would really look up to, not because of their faith but for their achievements


We both had our definition of satisfaction and that got me thinking. What really is the object of our satisfaction? What do we consider satisfaction in life? An elegant vehicle maybe, or perhaps a job that guarantees a pays lip with a six figure kind of salary? A beautiful wife who will yield your confidence as you walk with her before men? What really is satisfaction? I dare say this, without fear of contradiction, that the society we are in has led us to believe a meaning of satisfaction that is much skewed. Who you are today is influenced by what you believe.

A man in the bible who exhibits such aspects of satisfaction is Job. He was one man whom God recognized as a true believer in Him. Here’s the irony of life, the Jobs of our generation would be people we would really look up to, not because of their faith but for their achievements. We fail to realize that job had his trust in God despite the wealth attached to his name. Jobs satisfaction was in the giver and not the gift.

Common argument against such would be, God knows we need this things in this lifetime having in mind what the heathen are chasing after. Is that really what God is concerned with in your life? Is that the definition of blessings? 


In the same scriptures, the bible tells us of this man whom the Lord Jesus addresses concerning his wealth. He had done everything, as he said and so have many of us, but just a simple act, “go and sell everything you have then follow me” (Matthew 4:19) contradicted his previous statement. Then Jesus sadly I believe says, “Where your treasure is so will your heart be” (Luke 12:34). It is very easy for us to prove Jesus right when he said those same words, when he looks into our hearts based on that context. Almost similar to an unfaithful spouse.

Let’s us dwell on that verse for a moment. 

Where your treasure is, so will your heart be. A simple hard truth. The book of Corinthians speaks of a treasure trusted in jars of clay. The treasure entrusted in a believer is the beautiful gift of salvation received by Grace. When our treasure is Jesus, we, just like the man who went and sold EVERYTHING just to purchase the land, are to give up EVERYTHING for the sake of Christ.

It reminds me of two type of people in the Bible. Abraham was asked by the Lord to leave his home town and go to a land that God would show Him. The disciples were asked by Jesus to cast down their nets and follow Him. What about us? Are we willing to obey and just trust Jesus for our satisfaction? The disciples never had mansions to their name, neither did they fancy the fleeting pleasures of this world. Their ultimate goal, serve God with all that they had even if it meant getting shipwrecked like Paul did. And like the verse in Matthew, “seek first his kingdom, and the rest shall be added to you” (Matthew 6:33). The lord is our ultimate satisfaction, not our materialism.

Our satisfaction is dependent on:

1. Where our hearts are,

2. Whom we trust,

3. Whom we believe.

God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him!

  1. Amen…
    more over it not about treasure but having faith in him who loved us and loving Him
    with all of our heart not thinking of the treasure because today christianity people are having faith on the invention and not the inventer
    so the context of this verse is first have a heart to love christ…

  2. God is the source and giver of our prosperity: ‘But remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you the ability to produce wealth’ (Deut. 8:18a).

  3. Thank You Gift.
    Great insight,Finding ultimate satisfaction in God and nothing else that way that’s the key to being content in our various positions in life.
    Otherwise without satisfaction from God we will search to look for completeness from other places and never find it

  4. So profound.Truly, there is a longing in a human being that only God can satisfy. We can truly be satisfied in Him when we learn to seek after His own heart for His will, rather than seeking His hand for His blessings. That is being a Job in this generation. Its fairly simple, when we seek His heart even when the blessings are touched we will still fix our eyes on Him. Thanks Gift.

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